Owners Craig Fairbanks and architect Silvestre Arce Marquez bring more than 25 years of experience, and they specialize in custom design work that prioritizes function, safety, reliability, and elegance. A native of Cabo San Lucas, Silvestre has unique insights into the region, its weather, and the community. Fairbanks, meanwhile, offers his own insights as an American with experience in the international pool industry and the operations in México.

Vision Pools International works directly with homeowners and builders to ensure their needs are met, incorporating innovation in design and technical leadership. With an architect leading the team and a construction company there to execute any effort, Vision Pools International is setting a new standard when it comes to modern swimming pools.



In addition to designing and constructing exquisite, world-class pools, spas, and water features, Vision Pools International also offers maintenance services, repairs, and complete spa and pool remodels.